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Optimal Movement offers 4 core services that will be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to rid your body of a persistent pain or progress your sporting ability to compete at a higher level, we can provide the service that will have you getting the most out of your ability with a smile on your face.   

Sports Massage

A proven way of speeding up recovery between training sessions, preventing and recovering from musculoskeletal injuries obtained in the workplace and on the sports field, everyone will feel the benefit of a personalised sports massage.

Injury Treatment

Eliminating chronic injuries and recovering from acute setbacks is at our core. Our aim is to not only reduce existing pain and discomfort, but to ensure it doesn’t happen again by leaving your body in a stronger position than before the injury.

Gait Analysis

Improve your functional biomechanics and optimise your running technique, decrease your chances of injury and improve your running performance.

Using the latest software and technology to analyse your running gait, You will be able to see yourself moving in slow motion and from multiple angles whilst receiving expert guidance.

Fitness Testing

Fitness testing can offer a huge range of benefits, irrespective of ability level. Through the latest sports science, Optimal Movement is able to offer testing to take your performance to the next level. Using state of the art equipment, we are able to accurately measure your physiology and determine aspects such as training and heart rate zones, energy expenditure and racing potential.

Personalised Coaching

Do you want to take your sporting performance to the next level?

Optimal Movement has worked with sportspeople of all calibres, helping them to achieve their own unique goals. The thing we pride ourselves on is our individualised approach to sports coaching which helps to develop a relationship and see physical performances excel.

Full Body Health Check

Anyone can benefit from the Optimal Movement Body MOT. You may be wondering why you get aches and pains on a regular basis or simply want to know whether your body is balanced, mobile and ready for the demands of an exercise stage. We’ll use the latest proven assessment techniques to help you get the most from your body, whatever your goals may be.

The Importance of Running Technique

The Importance of Running Technique

We're going to start by asking a question: "When training for an endurance event which is most important: Mileage or Technique?" They're both very important aspects of run training and it's unlikely that you'll be able to reach high mileage without a decent level of...

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An Optimally Functioning Ankle

An Optimally Functioning Ankle

An optimally functioning ankle is important for everyone, but even more so for anyone participating in sports. When talking about the ankle joint it’s hard not to include the foot alongside the limb that sits on top of it. These two complex systems of bones,...

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Optimal Activation Sequence – Glutes

Optimal Activation Sequence – Glutes

We often see injuries originating from an unstable and uncoordinated pelvis and spine. One of the key muscle groups that help to keep this region of our body happy are the glutes (gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus). One of the most powerful groups of muscles in the...

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