If you need help getting back to your day to day activities, or are looking for some guidance and motivation with your run training, then personalised coaching is for you.

Coached runner in a competitive race

Like you, we are lovers of sport. Through our experience in training and coaching, we can help you identify the areas that will ensure you continue to progress in your activities. Endurance sport is our speciality, with the Optimal Movement team being heavily involved throughout life in running, cycling and swimming. Currently we are only offering a running coaching package but hope to incorporate swim and cycling coaching as soon as possible.  

Individuality is the key, so choosing the correct approach for you and your lifestyle is essential to success. We offer one-to-one coaching sessions and coaching packages plans that will incorporate all aspects of your sport to enhance your fitness, knowledge and motivation.

Personalised Endurance Training Plans

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Group Training
  • Running Gait Analysis
  • Dynamic Movement Skills
  • Nutritional Analysis


  • Individualized programmes
  • Work with your lifestyle and goals to acheive results
  • Most effective plan for your needs

One-to-One Coaching Sessions

Personalised Coaching Plans

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It may be cliche but it really has changed my daily life and outlook. I have the confidence to get back running and improve my fitness in the gym.

Shalana Wright

Chef & Gym Member

The treatment was an invaluable part of my success, which enabled me to go on and compete for Great Britain at the World Indoor Championships.

Lewis Moses

International Distance Runner

The knowledge and expertise used to diagnose and treat my lower back problem was excellent.

Sue Clark


Get Stronger and Improve your Cycling Economy

"Strength training improves cycling economy." We will support this statement with science and research then we’ll talk about how to implement it into your training. What do we mean by strength training and cycling economy?   Cycling Economy = the steady state oxygen...

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Optimal Activation Sequence – Glutes

We often see injuries originating from an unstable and uncoordinated pelvis and spine. One of the key muscle groups that help to keep this region of our body happy are the glutes (gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus). One of the most powerful groups of muscles in the...

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Post-Natal Exercise

Starting exercise after you have given birth can be a daunting process. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned athlete, trying to get back into shape after having a baby or whether you are starting from scratch, it is daunting wondering how your body is going to...

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