Cupping is a safe and effective technique that

increases blood flow and oxygen to an injured area.

Injury treatment session in Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Fascia is the body’s connective tissue that provides a framework to help support and protect individual muscle groups, organs, and the entire body as a unit. If the fascia is tight then the functionality of the muscles that lie below is limited.

Fascia is an all-encompassing network which, when unhealthy, has a negative domino effect throughout the body. Unaddressed compensatory patterns can form unless the natural spring of the fascia is regained. The best way to avoid the domino effect is to keep your fascia healthy so that you at a lower risk of developing dysfunctional compensatory patterns.

Cupping helps to stretch the connective tissue (using a vacuum pump and cups) which results in muscles being able to contract and relax optimally.


Benefits of Myofascial Cupping

  • The rate of nutrient-rich of blood flow to an injured area is increased
  • Fluid movement is increased which assists in recovery
  • Range of Motion is increased through the passive stretching of myofascial tissue
  • Reduces localized inflammation
  • Breaks up and expels congestion
  • An alternative treatment for those who dislike or are at risk when using acupuncture needles

Conditions that Cupping can help:

  • Musculoskeletal Pain and Injuries
  • Sports Injuries (including ITB Syndrome and Plantar Fasciitis)
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Muscles Strains and Sprains
  • Muscular Imbalance
  • Muscular Tension

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It may be cliche but it really has changed my daily life and outlook. I have the confidence to get back running and improve my fitness in the gym Shalana Wright

Chef & Gym Member

Oli’s treatment was an invaluable part of my success, which enabled me to go on and compete for Great Britain at the world Indoor Championships. Lewis Moses

International Distance Runner

Joe’s knowledge and expertise used to diagnose and treat my lower back problem was excellent. Sue Clark


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