Shoulder Strength and Mobility

Latissimus Dorsi Activation

Infraspinatus Activation

Lower Trap Activation

Alternate Curl with Press

Blackburn 1

Blackburn 2

Blackburn 2 Thumbs Up

Blackburn 3

Blackburn 3 Thumbs Up

Blackburn 4 Thumbs Up Elbows Bent


Paddle Arms

Lateral Raises

Shoulder Press Rainbows

Full Abductions

Shoulder Wind Up with Band

Pec Active Lengthening

Pec Active Lengthening Horizontal

Serratus Anterior Activation

Serratus Anterior Activation Single Arm

Praying Arms

Side Stretch with Pole

Supraspinatus Activation

Standing Spencer

Standing Curl with Press

Teres Minor Activation

Throw with Band

Shoulder Press with Band

Barbell Shoulder Press

Double Arm Diamond Pull with Band

Windscreen Wipers

Wall Arm Walks