Foam Rolling and Release Work

Quadriceps Foam Rolling

Pectoral Trigger Point Release

Psoas Self Active Release

Hip Flexor Release with Straight Leg Raise

Quadriceps Stick Roller

Pec Stretch with Roller

TFL Foam Rolling

Hip Flexor Foam Rolling

Tibialis Anterior Trigger Point Release

Pec Minor Self Release

Subscapularis Self Release

Tibialis Posterior Trigger Point Release

Lateral Compartment Stick Roller

Thoracic Foam Rolling

IT Band Foam Rolling

Thoracic Mobilisations

Hamstring Foam Rolling

Plantar Trigger Point Release

Piriformis Trigger Point Release

Gluteal Foam Rolling

Soleus Stick Roller Release

TFL Active Release

Tibialis Anterior Stick Roller 

Lat Foam Rolling

Calf Foam Rolling Pin and Stretch

Soleus Stick Roller

Adductor Foam Rolling

Hamstring Active Release